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FriendFish Comic Books and Birthday Party Supplies

Hi, my name is John-Marc Grob. I draw cartoons and comic books and have been doing so for forty years. It brings me great pleasure to make people smile and share my love for creating with other aspiring artists. Whether you want to learn to draw or want to watch cartoons, one of my most popular series is FriendFish. 

FriendFish is a series that explores friendship. I draw these cartoons in a classic style, with colorful characters who are curious about the world. It's the story of a group of orphan fish taken from their natural habitat and placed in an aquarium. They go on adventures and explore their new world, learning more about themselves and what it means to be friends along the way. These lovable characters have gone viral on Facebook with over 152,000 global fans. The FriendFish comic strips alone have over 750,000 views along with 1,200,000 viewing my videos via Facebook. Because of this there has been a rising demand for more comic books and for these fun-friendly cartoons to be printed on birthday party supplies.


As an artist, my goal is to bring light and happiness into the world. I create comic books and cartoons that have life lessons and are fun for the family to watch together. Not only that, but I also offer coloring books, drawing books and birthday party supplies that include characters from my FriendFish series, like Oscar, the octopus, Sheldon, the baby sea turtle, Walter the whale, Harmony, Gelica, Julie, and Parrot. 

You can find my comic books, cartoons, coloring books, drawing sheets, and a host of birthday party supplies on my website. I also offer YouTube videos if you want to learn to draw comics and cartoons. Check them out at