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I love to draw. And one of my favorite things is to create family-friendly content online. The fashion book and my coloring books are all extensions of the content that I produce. I take inspiration from my cartoons, graphic design, and animation and turn them into coloring books that teach kids (and adults) how to draw.

Some of my most beloved characters are from my cartoon FriendFish. I created the FriendFish series in 2006, and it now has over 150,000 fans around the world. You'll find all of the favorite characters in my coloring books. There's Walter the whale, Sheldon, the baby sea turtle, Oscar, the octopus, Julie, Parrot, Harmony, and Gelica. If you ask your kids who are their favorites, they probably have an answer.

Now I'm working on a fashion book. The fashion book provides hours of fun and inspiration for budding artists to learn how to draw streetwear and accessories to dresses and outfits for all your comic characters. I've filled the fashion book with lots of ideas and inspiration. You can experiment with your own designs and colors to create all kinds of fashions for your characters.

Whether you want to learn how to draw t-shirts and jeans, formal wear, or a superhero outfit, I try to cover it all in the fashion book. You can find the fashion book, coloring books, drawing pages to download, and so much more on my website. Won't you join me in celebrating creativity? Visit my website, look at all the inspiration, and then grab a few coloring books and the fashion book for yourself and your friends.

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