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Family Friendly Drawing Books by John-Marc Grob

Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with the kids? Almost every kid loves books on how to draw. And, my family friendly drawing books are a great way to learn how to draw all kinds of characters. You'll find lots of drawing books on my website with books full of fan favorite characters.

I offer family friendly drawing books with drawing exercises that'll inspire your young artist. You might even find your inner artist. The books are set up so that one side contains easy to follow instructions and the other side is a blank sheet to draw on, so there's not an immediate need for extra paper. Of course, once you get going, you'll want to make sure you have a drawing pad handy.

We can inspire our children and instill in them a love of art from an early age. If you want to spend some time with them enjoying these drawing books, you'll make memories that will last a lifetime. And you'll have art to hang on the walls too. My family friendly drawing books will inspire the whole family to get together and create.

I've loved to draw for as long as I can remember. And one of my favorite things is to create family friendly content online. My drawing books are all extensions of the content I produce for cartoons, comics, and YouTube videos. I take inspiration from my cartoons, graphic design, and animation, turning them into family friendly drawing books that teach kids (and adults) how to draw.

You'll learn how to draw fan favorite characters from my cartoon FriendFish. I created the FriendFish series in 2006, and it now has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. You'll find all of the favorite characters in my drawing books, including Julie, Gelica, Walter the whale, Oscar, the octopus, Parrot, Harmony, and Sheldon, the baby sea turtle. Ask your kids who are their favorites, and you'll be able to find family friendly books on my website that they'll love.

Whether you want to learn how to draw characters from FriendFish, Dr. Suess, or superheroes, I have drawing books for them and more. You'll also find coloring books, drawing pages to download, and so much more on my website. If you're searching for drawing books for yourself or the kids, these family friendly drawing books are so much fun. You'll want more. You can purchase my drawing books online at Amazon or on my website.

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