Graphic Design And Animation

Are You Looking for an Illustrator for Hire or Animation Studio for Hire?

Are you looking for an illustrator for hire or an animation studio for hire? If so, I would love the opportunity to work with you. I have been working in graphic design and animation for over 40 years and have created many activity books, comic books and cartoons that many children, and adults, have come to love. My graphic design and animation have received numerous awards and my cartoon work continues to sell worldwide, bringing much joy and excitement to kids and adults of all ages. My artwork and creativity continues to be displayed on shirts, toys, video games, candy, books, food, electronics, movies, tv, and websites, including my design promoting sales of 230,000 sweatshirts nationwide within 2 weeks through Kmart. You have probably seen my original FriendFish series, which was created in 2006. My FriendFish series went viral on Facebook with over 152,000 global fans. This series includes comic books, coloring books, shirts, and countless products sold online. My comic strips alone have over 750,000 views along with 1,200,000 viewing his videos via Facebook. Fans continue to look for more posts expecting ongoing entertainment from my FriendFish series.

As an illustrator for hire, my versatile capabilities range from Cartoons, Graphic Design, Animation, Apps, Video editing, Website, and Photography. I am extremely high-tech with being fluent in the latest state of the art technology, so can deliver any project applying any medium. 

I also use my graphic design and animation skills to teach art lessons out of my studio. These classes are for kids and adults, and help to bring out the inner artists out of everyone and help to inspire creativity. I love doing what I do and sharing this passion with everyone who comes in for art classes. 

If you would like to see examples of my work or to learn more about me, check out my website at So if you are searching for an illustrator for hire or for an art studio for hire, please contact me anytime.