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JMG Studio Welcome


Welcome to our site.

I'm so glad you found me! I love doing art together as a family and teaching large classes. I also love sharing our art lessons with you. I enjoy sharing my art gifts with friends and my gift is art for you.

Who Is This Site For?

Kids, parents, homeschool, and teachers.

If you’re a parent looking to enroll your children in art lessons, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a teacher looking for art lessons to teach in your classroom, if you have a homeschool group this is a great place. Each week I'll publish a new lesson. That means you don’t need to watch lessons in any specific order, just press play and follow along.


What Age Is Best For This Site?

Ages between five on up, honest any age will enjoy my videos

With that said, I think this site is great for anyone who has the desire to make art and have fun. I've taught many classes around the country and even out in other counties. I’ve also seen many kids under five on up complete amazing drawings with all my simple lessons. So, regardless of age, everyone is welcome to learn and follow along with me.


How To Find Lessons And More

Find our lessons by visiting my Lesson Page.  If you can’t find a particular lesson or category, feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to add more ideas to our queue. Most of our lessons are free to watch here, on our website, or over on our YouTube channel.


If you and your kids love following along with me,

you’ll love my Art Club Membership even more!

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