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It's coming soon!

It's coming out soon our Video Game for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Are you ready to dive into adventure with the FriendFish? Get started by helping Flitch swim through the Aquarium on his quest to capture gold coins. The more coins he grabs, the more FriendFish buddies you get to play with! Just watch out for the mean crabs and eels along the way – they’ll do their best to keep you from completing each level. Remember to keep double-tapping to swim higher so you don’t fall into the deep open areas. That will help you complete each level and move onto the next.

These games feature 2 worlds with 9 levels each, for a total of 18 fun challenging levels altogether! More worlds will be added every two months, so the excitement is never-ending. So what are you waiting for? Make a splash today, with Flitch and the rest of the FriendFish crew!

Immerse yourself in the world of FriendFish at


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