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Out West part 1 of 6

I have to say it's been a while since I've been out west, this time was a special time because I had the whole family. These next 6 blogs will be about several pictures I took and where I took them. This trip I ended with over 3000 pictures I only saved 205 that I really liked, I'll be selling these prints online and in the Adobe Stock Photo.

Okay here's the first 3 I'll be sharing, enjoy.

This was taken in the Petrified Forest National Park, My father used to work several National parks in the late 50's this was one of his favorite park. It was huge! 28 miles long and I don't remember how many acres but lets say a lot. You can see on the right some small looking rocks, but that's not rock but petrified trees, very cool to see. We did get to hike next to them and touch them and even sit on them. This shot I took with my Apple 11 iPhone 4k camera, I'm very impress with the quality and I could even pull back the lens to get this cool wide angel look.

© 2021 John-Marc Grob

Above are two more pictures from the Petrified Forest Park the colors where amazing to see and how the landscape looked like someone airbrush them. These are bot Panorama shots, I took a lot of these, I enjoy see this type of format in photography.

© 2021 John-Marc Grob


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